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Ultimate protection for your Refrigerator

  • Extends the manufacturer’s warranty to assure product’s extended life.
  • Covers malfunctions & breakdowns.
  • Free pickup & drop from your doorstep.
  • Repair or replacement assured. If we can’t repair you get a free replacement or coupon.


Our Pack Covers

Easy Returns

Authorized Service

Cashless Transactions

24/7 Email & Phone Support

Easy Refunds

WITHOUT SERVICETEC – Non Productive Hours + High Overhead and Maintenance Costs

WITH SERVICETEC - Few Minutes + No Costs

Repair or Replace Guarantee

Our technicians promise to pick your device at your doorstep, get it repaired and drop back within 14 working days (but this might vary slightly depending upon the brand and model).

Don’t worry! If we fail to meet our promise, you’ll get a replacement device for free of cost.


  • Spare parts out of stock everywhere, not an excuse.
  • Long queue at the Service centre, not an excuse.
  • Service centre not equipped with ample Staffs, not an excuse.
  • We get stuck somewhere, not an excuse.
  • Have any other excuse to put forward? Still, not an excuse.


  • Your Device is Broken or damaged? Approach us and we’ll get into repair mode.
  • No frustrating questions like why, how, when or where it happened.
  • No clarifications about the incident are required.
  • We act and not investigate.


Want to be replaced with the same? Get the same model from the market.

Avail a gift voucher, if the electronic you were using has been now discontinued in the market.

Crazy on a new air conditioner? Grab a gift voucher from us & seamlessly upgrade to the new one.

Have any other option in mind? Share with us at

Complete Repair Undertaken at Authorized Service Centers

We have tie-ups with numerous brand authorized service centers across the country. Expert technicians ensure to deliver certified repairs and complete transparency for all repairs.

In the event of not having any authorized service center for your device in your city, we will make sure the device is recovered by taking the help from alternative renowned brand’s centre for repairs.

At any cost, be it for a minor or major repair done, we will ensure that we provide you the service centre invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Extended Warranty Pack?

Extended Warranty Pack assures that your device is protected against functional damages caused to the device. If your device breaks down, you don’t have to worry about the pain of servicing and bearing huge costs. With Extended Warranty Pack we will repair the device for free.

2. Is it worth buying Extended Warranty Pack?

Spending an additional 5-10% of product cost for product safety will save your costs for screen damage which costs ~20% of product cost and motherboard issue costing ~40% of product cost. Hence preventive costs are more viable than maintenance costs.

3. When does Extended Warranty Pack does starts?

As soon as the manufacturer’s warranty is finished, from the next day onwards Extended Warranty Pack starts till the Pack validity. If manufacturer’s warranty ends on 18th June 2018 then your Pack starts on 19th June 2018.

4. How do I raise a claim request?

Call our service centre at 073580 73480 and describe about the issue. We will raise a service request and our technician will take over the issue.

5. When should I buy Extended Warranty Pack?

Preferably one should buy the pack as soon as the product is bought. But with Extended Warranty Pack you can buy the pack just before 7 days from the purchase date (if purchased online), 180 days old from the purchase date (if purchased through our stores).

6. I bought my device 1year back, can I buy Extended Warranty Pack now?

No, Extended Warranty Pack is eligible only for products which are 7days old from the purchase date (if purchased online), 180 days old from the purchase date (if purchased through our stores)

7. My device got accidently damaged, is it eligible for a replacement?

Extended Warranty Pack is an extension of manufacturer’s warranty and it does not include accidental damage protection for the device.

8. What is the coverage amount of my device?

Coverage amount will be equal to the Current invoice value of the device at the time of pack start date.

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