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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Extended Warranty Pack?
    In simple terms extended warranty pack extends your manufacturer’s warranty by covering all genuine manufacturing defects or functional damages caused to the device. If your device breaks down, you don’t have to worry about the pain of servicing and bearing huge costs, we will repair the device.
  2. Why should I buy Extended Warranty Pack from TVSE?
    • Spending an additional 7-10% of product cost for product safety will save your costs for screen issues which costs ~20% of product cost and motherboard issue costing ~40% of product cost. Hence preventive costs are more viable than maintenance costs.
    • With qualified service engineers you could be rest assured that you will receive best in class service from TVS Electronics Ltd & we are the trusted service partners for Samsung & MI.
    • The sense of security & peace of mind assures customers that any needed repairs will be covered by TVSE having 30+ years of experience.
    • Customers can buy extended warranty pack either from brand or other companies like TVS Electronics Ltd that offer at very competitive price.
    • 7 day repair assured, Hassle free activation process, Free PUDO service, repair or replacement assured, 30+ years industry experience.
  3. When does my Extended Warranty pack starts?
    As soon as the manufacturer’s warranty is over, from the next day onwards Extended Warranty pack starts till the pack validity. If manufacturer’s warranty ends on 18th June 2018 then your pack starts from 19th June 2018.
  4. When should I buy Extended Warranty Pack?
    Preferably one should buy the pack as soon as the product is bought. But with Extended Warranty pack you can buy the pack just before 7th day from the product purchase date (for online purchases), & 180th day from the product purchase date (for Stec store purchases).
  5. I bought my device 1 year back, can I buy Extended Warranty Pack now?
    No, Extended Warranty pack is eligible only for products which are 7 days old from the purchase date (for online purchase) & 180 days old from the purchase date (for Stec store purchases).
  1. My device got accidently damaged, is it eligible for a replacement?
    Extended Warranty pack is an extension of manufacturer’s warranty and it does not include accidental or liquid damage protection for the device.
  2. What is the coverage amount of my device?
    Coverage amount will be equal to the current market value of the device at the time of pack start date.
  3. What should be the invoice value of the product to be entered while buying the Extended Warranty Pack?
    The purchase price of the product should be the actual price of the product excluding all the applicable discounts or offers (cashback, instant discounts, exchange offers etc.). Ex: If you have bought a Mobile of ₹25,000 for ₹23,000 after a discount of ₹2,000, then you should enter invoice value as ₹25,000 instead of ₹23,000.
  4. Where I can find the IMEI / Serial number of the product?
    IMEI / Serial numbers are mentioned on the product label or on the purchase invoice. Please make sure that the entered details are correct as it may lead to rejection of claims.
    In most appliances it is mentioned on the back or side of the appliance (e.g. usually back side of the TV and refrigerators, on the back or side of washing machine, bottom or side of the AC indoor unit etc.)It can also be located on the product packaging box, warranty card or the tax invoice/challan at the time of product delivery.If you are unable to locate the serial number, you can always reach out to the manufacturer of your product, they should be able to guide you on how to locate it.
  5. I bought Extended Warranty pack, is that enough?
    Yes. There is no need for registration, but to finish the claim process faster it’s better to update product & customer details after purchasing the product.
  1. What will I receive after buying the Extended Warranty Pack?
    After purchasing Extended Warranty Pack, you will receive a welcome email in your registered email. It will contain details about your pack, Invoice copy, Certificate & T&C’s.
  2. What if I didn’t receive any communication mail after buying the extended warranty pack?
    In case there is no communication after buying the pack, please call (07358073480) or email us at
  3. Extended Warranty welcome mail contains incorrect details. What do be done?
    In case of any error in the details mentioned in your welcome mail, please call (07358073480) or email us at You may be required to submit documents as proof to make any changes.
  4. What is the duration of Extended Warranty Packs?
    Extended Warranty Pack vary from 1-4 years depending on product category.For Mobiles/Tablets it’s 1 year.For Laptops, AC’s, Television’s, Washing Machines & Refrigerators it may vary from 1-4 years depending on the manufacturer warranty.
  5. Can the sum of manufacturer & extended warranty be more than 5 years?
    No, sum of manufacturer & extended warranty cannot exceed 5 years. Ex: If products manufacturer warranty is 2 years, then you can select extended warranty pack for 1-3 years only.
  1. How to buy extended warranty pack online?
    Extended warranty pack can be bought online from our website for a product less than 7 days old from the date of product purchase.Select product category & price range -> Select pack validity -> Input details -> Makes payment -> Pack approved.
  2. How to buy extended warranty pack at Stec stores?
    Extended warranty pack can be bought from Stec stores by directly visiting them for a product less than 180 days old from the date of product purchase and after pre verification of the product done at the store.Visit store -> Product & Invoice verification -> Input details -> Makes payment -> Approved.
  3. How to activate my Extended Warranty Pack?
    There is no activation required for extended warranty pack as it get approved automatically as soon as the product is bought.
  4. For what products I can buy Extended Warranty Pack?
    For products manufactured in India or is legally imported in India & sold through official channels supported by an invoice & manufacturer warranty / guarantee.Product having minimum of one year manufacturer’s warranty.Product should not be older than 7 days from its purchase date (if purchased online) or 180 days from its purchase date (if pack purchased at Stec store) at the time of buying Extended Warranty Pack.
  5. What is manufacturer’s warranty period?
    Generally it is offered for 6 or 12 months from the date of product purchase. However, some of the consumer electronics it is more than 12 months. Manufacturer’s warranty is mentioned on the warranty card provided with the product.
  1. Does Extended Warranty Pack covers Accidental Damage & Liquid Damages?
    No. We are currently working on to introduce these product.
  2. Is my Extended Warranty Pack transferable?
    No. It can’t be transferred.
  3. What documents are required for the claim process?
    At the time of making a claim related to Extended Warranty Pack, the following documents are required:

    • Original Invoice copy
    • Duly filled claim details
  4. How many times can I make the claim?
    Number of claims are unlimited. However, there is a limit on coverage amount. Claims can be made any number of times till the time coverage amount is greater than zero and pack validity is not over. If repair cost exceeds the coverage amount at any stage customer has to incur the additional expense.
  5. Which brands are covered for Smartphones?
    Product Brands
    Mobile Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, Oneplus, Google Pixel & Apple
  6. Which brands are covered for Laptops?
    Product Brands
    Laptops HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer & Apple
  7. How to raise a claim for Extended Warranty Packs?
    Customer can either call our servicetec call centre number (07358073480) or raise a claim online or visit our existing service centre’s to raise a new claim request.
    Pick Up & Drop off facility is available for Smartphones/Tablets & Laptops.
    Onsite service is available for Washing Machine, AC, Refrigerator & Television.
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